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Blakeslee Decries Fitted Sheet Legislation
CLIA opposes SB 432: Fitted Sheet Legislation
Published on 8/23/11



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 California Legislature







Blakeslee Decries Fitted Sheet Legislation

As California continues to post amongst the highest unemployment numbers in the nation, Senator Sam Blakeslee is taking aim at anti-job legislation that would require all lodging establishments use fitted bottom sheets on their beds. Despite no evidence or studies linking fitted sheets to improved occupational safety, SB 432, authored by Los Angeles Senator Kevin de Leon, would make the use of unfitted sheets a new state crime.

"As though we needed more proof of how out of touch the Sacramento establishment is, here comes the 'fitted sheet' bill," said Blakeslee. "We have sky-high unemployment. Our state budget is a mess. And now, rather than Sacramento getting its own business in order, we're going to spend our time making it a crime for a hotel to use a flat sheet. No wonder the public is fed up."

One of the state's strongest supporters of improving how the government does its job, Blakeslee has authored legislation to streamline the state's approach to policy making. Blakeslee's SB 353 is modeled on federal procedures that have been in place for 30 years. To ensure a regulation achieves the intended goal in a manner that protects California's economic competitiveness, Blakeslee's approach would enact comprehensive reforms that mirror the federal model :


·         Agencies: Conduct more robust economic assessments; for major regulations, consider alternatives that achieve the intended goal while protecting California's economic competitiveness

·         Office of Administrative Law: Increased discretion to disapprove regulations that do not meet standards of review; authority to initiate reviews of existing regulations.

·         Department of Finance: Assist agencies by establishing guidelines for conducting economic assessments and by approving these assessments for technical accuracy.


"Now more than ever we must be focused on reforms that improve our job climate. California cannot continue this hyperactive and arbitrary approach to regulation," said Blakeslee.


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