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Sadly, One Of CLIA's Own Passes Away
Vicki Hong, longtime CLIA member unexpectedly has a heart attack.
Published on 2/10/12


Sadly, One Of CLIA's Own Passes Away


It is our sad duty to report that Vicki Hong one of the loyal members of the CLIA family died suddenly of a heart attack in Reno, Nevada on February 5.


Vicki and her husband of 51 years, Gary Hong have been steadfast supporters of CLIA as owners of the Guesthouse Inn  in Santa Clara.  The family ties to CLIA actually goes back a generation when Gary's father, Kaye was president of CLIA in 1974.  Gary followed in his father's footsteps as CLIA president in 1988.  


Vicki was born and raised in San Francisco.  She met Gary in the hallways of their high school.   When Gary learned that their mothers both patronised the same beauty shop, he asked his mother to ask her mother if he could ask her out on a date.  Fortunately, she said yes and their lifelong romance was born.


Vicki and Gary worked long hard hours in every position at the Guesthouse Inn (then called the Edgewater Lodge).  After 20 years as a hotel owner, Vicki branched out into a new industry and took a position with United Airlines.  She continuted to share her love of the hospitality industry with their three sons, Doug, Dennis and Russell.


No one has shown more vivacity and love of life than Vicki Hong.  Her presence will be sorely missed, but her spirit will live on in the hearts of those that knew her.


"We owe Gary and Vicki Hong a huge debt of gratitude for all of the selfless work done on our behalf.  We will mourn with Gary and for his great loss, only to try to comfort him and his family in the months to come."   Eric R. Cogdill 2012 CLIA President


"She was the sweetest friend a person could have."  John Manderfeld 2011 CLIA President


 "Vicki was a warm wonderful person who made everyone she met feel like they were her best friend."  Howard Mathews 2010 CLIA President


For information regarding the memorial service, contact


Headquartered in Sacramento, CLIA is a member lodging and hospitality industry association, providing legislative, educational, marketing, and profit-oriented programs for independent lodging owners and operators.


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