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Press Room 

CLIA Exec Wins Applause at Policy Makers Forum

Published on 2/23/12


Bobbie Singh-Allen, CLIA Executive Vice President and COO spoke movingly about the need for unity in the travel industry at yesterdays Policy Makers Forum at the 2012 Visit California Outlook Forum in Sacramento.  Singh-Allen described the challenges of over regulation, taxation and competition facing the tourism industry in California.  Our constituents are being hit by new rules and new taxes while fighting to maintain our market share for leisure and business travel she said.  As an industry, we need to work together so that our voices can be heard.  We are stronger together.  Her comments brought a huge round of applause from the enthusiastic audience of industry leaders.

Singh-Allen went on to commend the efforts of others who have championed a united front for the industry.  Especially noteworthy is the cohesion built by John Severini of California Travel Association.  We can thank California Travel Association for presenting all of our issues as one, which is what we should be doing, said Singh-Allen.  The Visit California Outlook Forum was an excellent venue for different factions of the industry to share their common concerns to have greater impact.

Singh-Allen and the CLIA Board of Directors were guests at the 2012 Visit California Industry Recognition Dinner for achievers in the travel arena.  They also attended the Reception and World Premiere of "Dreamland" a new documentary on the unique life of accomplishments of Californians.


Headquartered in Sacramento, CLIA is a member lodging and hospitality industry association, providing legislative, educational, marketing, and profit-oriented programs for independent lodging owners and operators.


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