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Is your property ready for March 15, 2012?
Tax Incentives and Pool Lifts
Published on 3/15/12


Is your property ready for March 15, 2012?



CLIA has a number of resources to assist you in getting your property ready for the implementation of the ADA requirements due on March 15, 2012:


Tax Incentives
Tax incentives may be available to help absorb costs over several years.  To assist small businesses to comply with the ADA, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Code includes a Disabled Access Credit (Section 44) for businesses with 30 or fewer full-time employees or with total revenues of $1 million or less in the previous tax year. Eligible expenses may include the cost of undertaking barrier removal and alterations to improve accessibility.

Section 190 of the IRS Code provides a tax deduction for businesses of all sizes for costs incurred in removing architectural barriers in existing facilities or alterations. The maximum deduction is $15,000 per year.


To learn more, contact Mitch Miller at Miller Law Group, P.C. 650-566-2290 or



Sources For Pool Lifts

Frank & Ron Hotel/Motel Supply, Inc., a long time CLIA member offers a number of models of ADA compliant pool lifts.  Frank & Ron offer additional resources including video training and other support to our members.


You can call Frank & Ron at 510 568-4072 or visit their website at: to learn more.


CLIA provides information regarding the implementation of the pool lift guidelines to our members. We are seeking imput from our members so that we can continue to work with other impacted parties in communicating with the Department of Justice on this vital issue.


Headquartered in Sacramento, CLIA is a member lodging and hospitality industry association, providing legislative, educational, marketing, and profit-oriented programs for independent lodging owners and operators.


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