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Independent Lodging Industry Association Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Published on 5/9/12


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May 8, 2012 - Beginning in 1984 with a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan, National Travel and Tourism week has been a cause to celebrate and promote the power of travel. Along with many other organizations in the travel industry we are using this opportunity to talk to the public, other industries and our elected leaders about this industry and as President Obama said how it contributes to the success of the American and world economies&

This week is also special to our organization for another reason. Just a little over one year ago a unique group of small business owners, individuals that own and operate hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, franchise hotels, resorts and other non-chain lodging and recreation facilities, collectively created an organization that gave them a national voice. Building on the 65 year model of success for a similar collaboration in California, the national Independent Lodging Industry Association (ILIA) was formed.

In just one year, ILIA's membership has grown more than three-hundred percent. We have stood beside other organizations representing job-creating businesses to promote an agenda that is pro economic growth and stands up against unjust regulation and taxation from Washington D.C. to the Pacific Ocean. Collectively, ILIAs first and foremost goal is to promote a vibrant, competitive lodging industry. Our mission is to encourage consumer choice in the travel industry and support the free-market against attempts to limit competition.


Headquartered in Sacramento, CLIA is a member lodging and hospitality industry association, providing legislative, educational, marketing, and profit-oriented programs for independent lodging owners and operators.


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