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Planning for the Pool Lift Deadline
by Mitch Miller of Miller Law Group P.C.
Published on 1/23/13


January 31, 2013, the ADA Regulations regarding the requirement for pool lifts at public accommodations (lodging facilities) become effective.  These regulations apply to all existing and new lodging facilities that have either a pool, spa, or both.  So long as the installation of a lift is readily achievable as that term is interpreted, on a case by case basis under the regulations, the lodging facility is required to comply with the requirement.



There is simply no way that an alert such as this can address the myriad of situations that exist in the marketplace.  Innkeepers are well advised to contact ADA certified specialists, and/or attorneys to assist in determining each particular obligation under the regulations. The only counsel that one can give that applies to everyone is that no innkeeper should ignore the regulation and do nothing.

The consequence of doing nothing is exposure to expensive lawsuits and potential damages that are likely to be otherwise avoidable.  Simply having a plan in place that is prepared with the help of specialists can have an important benefit in the event you receive a notice of violation from an attorney representing a disabled person.

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