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Best Employment Practices for Social Media

Published on 1/28/13


Employers striving to guard against difficulties in the workplace raised by employee use of social media should develop effective electronic media policies. These policies should be easy to understand and should be communicated to employees in employee handbooks, staff meetings and one-on-one communications.


Some of the topics that should be covered in these policies include the following:

  • Appropriate and inappropriate uses of social media on company equipment in the workplace
  • The use of personal electronic devices such as smart phones, computers, laptops and tablets during work hours
  • Unprofessional communications that could damage the employer's reputation or ability to pursue its goals
  • Inappropriate communications that could harm members of the employers' community
  • Inappropriate sharing of confidential information such as trade secrets or personnel actions



Be careful that the wording of your policies is not overly broad and does not restrict employees' rights as protected by law including those reviewed by the National Labor Relations Board.


Employees are entitled to talk about employment conditions outside the work place and work hours. Add a clause stating that the policy is not intended to limit that right.


To support electronic media policies, include other policies such as confidentiality, harassment and discrimination. Due to rapidly changing laws and customs, it is important to get the latest counsel regarding these issues.


An employee handbook is the first place to describe social media policies. It is also the key component to maintaining good employee relations, a concise statement of company policies and the prevention of litigation. Employee Handbook Software is available through CalChamber at a discount for CLIA members.


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