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Pasadena Polystyrene Ordinance

Published on 5/3/16


The City of Pasadena is currently considering a polystyrene ordinance that would prohibit local businesses and organizations from using foam cups, plates, to-go containers and other foodservice ware. CLIA opposes the proposed ordinance because it will significantly increase costs for our members and it wont help the city achieve its purported zero-waste and litter reduction goals, since the measure simply causes one single-use product to be replaced by another single-use product.

CLIA Board Member David Bowman joined a number of local restaurant owners in expressing their concerns to Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek and Councilmember Andy Wilson during a small-business roundtable hosted by the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and the California Restaurant Association last week; he also testified against the measure at the citys Municipal Services Committee hearing on Tuesday. Despite the many concerns expressed by local small-business owners, the Committee did pass the measure; it will be considered by the full City Council at an upcoming meeting.


Headquartered in Sacramento, CLIA is a member lodging and hospitality industry association, providing legislative, educational, marketing, and profit-oriented programs for independent lodging owners and operators.


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