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Terms & Conditions

The California Lodging Industry Association (CLIA) has created this terms and conditions statement.


The exhibit contract and exhibit space request, the formal notice of space assignment, and the full payment of rental charges together constitute a contract between California Lodging Expo® and Conference (CLEC) and the exhibitor for the right to use the assigned exhibit space and to comply with these rules and regulations. Exhibit space is not confirmed until this agreement is signed and returned to CLIA via email to Exhibitors shall be bound by the rules and regulations set forth herein and by such amendments or additional rules and regulations which may be established by CLEC.

Full payment of total exhibit space cost is necessary to reserve each space and is due with the agreement. EXHIBIT REPRESENTATIVES

Each exhibit space will be allotted two (2) exhibit representatives for the duration of the California Lodging Expo® and Conference (CLEC).


Exhibitor substitutions must be requested via e-mail to, by the primary exhibiting company contact, before November 6, 2015. After November 6, 2015, substitutions must be made on site, via written, request on company letterhead, and signed by the primary contact.


All exhibitors shall arrange their exhibits and activities so that they do not obstruct or interfere with other exhibits. No exhibit may exceed 3’ high on the sides and 6’ high in the back. No signs or banners may be hung from the pipe and drape. Some exhibitor’s displays may have additional height restrictions depending on their location and will be instructed by show management. Exceptions to this policy must have prior written approval by the CLEC Show Manager. No materials may be distributed outside of your assigned exhibit space area including literature distribution at the entrances and exits of the show and/or at other CLEC activities. No relocation or expansion of paid exhibit space into adjoining exhibit spaces is allowed without prior approval from CLEC management. Exhibitors will take every reasonable precaution to minimize the noise of operating exhibits. Noise levels objectionable to other exhibitors will not be allowed. Show management reserves the right to stop any activity on the show floor which is determined to be a safety hazard. All material used for decoration (i.e., paper, cardboard, cloth, etc.), shall be a flame retardant type. Safety and fire exits and equipment must be left accessible and in full view at all times.


Exhibitors agree to comply with the rules and regulations as contained here.


Exhibitors must list their exhibit space preferences on the exhibit agreement. Space will be assigned on a first-paid, first-served basis. Should all choices be reserved prior to receipt of your application, CLEC will assign the exhibit space nearest to your desired location.


Cancellations received prior to November 5, 2015: Less $100.00 processing fee. No refunds after November 5, 2015.


The only person who may utilize an exhibit space for commercial purposes of any kind are those who are the duly designated representatives of the exhibitor or an entity which is affiliated with the exhibitor by virtue of ownership or control. CLEC management shall at all times have the ultimate right to decide whether particular individuals are entitled to utilize an exhibit space for commercial purposes.


It is agreed that the California Lodging Expo® and Conference, the Crowne Plaza Concord/Walnut Creek , and the California Lodging Industry Association shall not be liable to an exhibitor for any damage to, or for the loss or destruction of, an exhibit or the property of an exhibitor or injuries to his/her person resulting from any cause. All claims for any such loss, damage, or injury are expressly waived by the exhibitor. This agreement is made upon the express condition that the California Lodging Expo® and Conference, the Crowne Plaza Concord/Walnut Creek , and the California Lodging Industry Association are to be jointly and severally free from all liability and claims for damages by reason of any injury to any person of any kind whatsoever while in, upon, or in any way connected with said such injuries or losses however occurring. Any insurance desired shall be placed by the exhibitor at his/her own expense. Adequate insurance should provide coverage for property, damage, public liability, fire, theft, water, storm, and strikes. California Lodging Expo® and Conference, the Crowne Plaza Concord/Walnut Creek, and the California Lodging Industry Association will not guarantee exhibitors against loss of any kind.


Security service will not be available during the California Lodging Expo® and Conference. The Crowne Plaza Concord/Walnut Creek and the California Lodging Industry Association, or any agents, officers, directors, or staff members thereof will not be responsible/ liable for the safety of the property or the exhibitor from any cause.


California Lodging Expo® and Conference reserves the right to prohibit any display or exhibit or any part of a proposed exhibit that it judges not suitable or in accordance with the general character of the exhibits; this refers to conduct of persons, printed matter, souvenirs, or anything that may be deemed as undesirable. Any mechanical devices must be operated in such a way as not to interfere with the exhibits of others.


Each exhibitor and all its employees agree to abide by the rules and regulations given herein by subsequent amendments and additions considered by CLEC management to be in the best interest of all exhibitors. Upon noncompliance with the rules formulated, CLEC management reserves the right to prohibit, reject, or eject any exhibitor, exhibitor’s representatives, or exhibit in whole or part, with or without giving cause. If cause is not given, CLEC’s liability shall not exceed the return to the exhibiting company of the rental unearned at the time of ejection. If any exhibitor is ejected for violation of these rules, or for any other reason, no return of rental money shall be made.


These rules, regulations and conditions have been drawn for the purpose and intention of providing a well-balanced, well-regulated, attractive, and successful exposition. Any and all matters, or questions, not specifically covered by the preceding rules and regulations shall be subject solely to the decision of CLEC management. In an effort to provide the greatest good to the greatest number, CLEC management shall have full power to so interpret the rules and regulations or make such rulings as may appear to be for the best interest of the entire exposition and all amendments of the foregoing rules shall bind the exhibitors.


Should any emergency, of any nature, arise prior to the opening show date, which would prevent its scheduled opening (e.g., destruction or damage to the exhibit area by fire, wind, storm, strikes, acts of God, a declaration of any emergency by the government, terrorism, etc.) it is expressly agreed that California Lodging Expo® and Conference may retain as much of the payment for exhibit space as is necessary to cover the expenses incurred by CLEC up to the time of such emergency. All points not covered by these rules are subject to the judgment of the trade show management.


Crowne Plaza Concord/Walnut Creek
The California Lodging Expo® and Conference has arranged discounted room rates for exhibitors and attendees. Room rates are $129 plus tax for single or double occupancy. Please make your reservations by November 21, 2015 to ensure the discounted rate. To reserve a room, please call the hotel at 877-286-8389 and reference CLIA or visit:


All materials may be shipped to the Crowne Plaza Concord/Walnut Creek, 45 John Glenn Drive, Concord, CA 94520, attn.: Susan Jensen, arrival December 7, 2015. Please make sure the recipient’s name and company are clearly labeled. All packages should be pre-paid and sent no more than three days prior to the Expo.


All questions and requests for further information should be directed to: California Lodging Expo® and Conference at 916.925.2915 or


By submitting herein, we hereby apply for exhibit space at, or sponsorship of the 2015 California Lodging Expo® and Conference. We agree to comply with all instructions, rules and regulations of the 2015 California Lodging Expo® and Conference and agree to submit promptly all information required and requested by show management.

Exhibit space is not confirmed until this agreement is signed and returned to CLIA via email to


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